Glean from true-to-life resources Julie created to equip you to honor your aging loved ones.
Discover how to see to their daily needs—without neglecting your own.
She'll show you how to live vibrantly through your caregiving season. 

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This is the combined story of dozens of adult children and how they learned to cope with the shift from taker to giver. It’s real. Sometimes poignant. Sometimes gut-wrenching. It’s your story, too. --Identify the emotional and spiritual issues you might face --Grapple with real-life dilemmas of caregiving families—families like yours. --Be encouraged by stories from caregivers who’ve lived it, biblical examples that are amazingly relevant, and professional insights explained clearly in laymen’s terms. This Tenth Anniversary Expanded Edition features never-before told stories, an up-to-date resource list, and a Study Journal to chronicle your journey for future generations. 

Devotional Book

Who Cares for Exhausted Caregivers? Adult children of aging parents hear uplifting words here!“Like you, I wear many hats. I’m an author, a conference speaker, a worship minister … But the most important of all my roles is that I’m a caregiver. It’s a role that began to fall to me decades ago. One I’ve grown into–sometimes willingly, sometimes grudgingly. If you’ve picked up this eBook, you’ll understand that better than anyone.”In this e-edition of Pressed into Care, you’ll read 30 impassioned readings that will uplift, encourage and re-energize you for the task of caring for those you love, as they move through the stages of aging.Each entry features true-to-life content that’s equal parts heaven’s truth and earth’s grit. Julie is honest about the caregiving journey. And she writes out of her deepest heart—in the hopes that in being transparent, she’ll have the privilege of reaching your heart with the comforts and the challenges she’s received along the journey.Now, then, let’s get real about what happens when we get Pressed Into Care for our loved ones as they grow older. You’ll come away from each session refreshed and strengthened for another day of compassionate caring. - $9.99 paperback
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Devotional Mini-book

During her father's last serious illness and hospitalization, Julie-Allyson Ieron and her mother decided what they needed to hear the most was truth from God's Word. The reflections in this book are based on scriptures that Julie and her mother found the most uplifting during difficult times. These words will comfort you as well, as you give care to those facing illness, tragedy, or loss of any kind and need encouragement.  $4.00
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For Those Who Are Grieving

As one who is experiencing grief, journalist and best-selling author Julie-Allyson Ieron offers compassionate, biblically sound comfort to readers who are sorrowing. This Bible study companion to her Care & Share devotional booklet with the same title, Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts Study Guide offers readers the opportunity to open their weeping hearts to the unchanging God of the Bible, Who has come alongside His grieving children down through history—as far back as Adam and Eve in their two-pronged loss of both Cain and Abel. It’s packed with biblical truth and modern-day examples. Go through the study by yourself, or with a small group of fellow sorrowers. - Paperback, $11.99
Grieving hearts crave hope. They crave a gentle, honest response to their gut-check questions. In the 30 truth-packed readings of this minibook, Julie walks with readers through the worst days of sorrow. She offers realistic comfort, packaged with substantive hope. She can do this because she, too, is a member of the grief club. There she has become reacquainted with the Man of Sorrows, Who chairs the group. If you’re in a sorrowing season, drink in these devotional thoughts. If you know someone who is grieving, get a copy to give away. Either way, it will resonate with refreshing truth.  - Paperback $4.00